About Us


Mandakini Group

As we all know about the global economy meltdown which affected many developed nations and developing countries but our country India was successful to prevent from it by good policies and economic reforms. Today India has emerged as one of the biggest market place providing.

We Mandakini Group of Companies are working in 10 different sectors in India which are as follows:-

1)PD. Ram Ashish Sikshan & Seva Sansthan.
2)Mandakini Film Productions Pvt. Ltd.
3)Mandakini VFX Studios Pvt. Ltd.
4)Mandakini Publications Pvt. Ltd.
5)Mandakini Infra Realtors Pvt. Ltd.
6)Krishna Consultancy Services.
7)Krimi Sales & Marketing Company
8)Kanak Consultancy Services (KCS)
9)Aquadrop Puritech Pvt. Ltd.
10)Mandakini Trading (A Direct Selling Company)

Mandakini Trading (A Direct Selling Company) offer in the field of Health care, Personal care, Home care, Agri. Care, Beauty Care to our customers. Our network of registered distributors and customers get special benefits and opportunities due to our dominance in the direct selling industry. Instead of spending money on advertising, we spend money on our people & products. We are amongst the best places to work in India.

Our Vision

“Helping people Live better Lives & to be the best business opportunity in the world”

Our Mission

“Through the partnering of Distributor, Employees & the founding families and the support of quality products & services, we offer all people the opportunity to achieve their goal through the “Mandakini Group of Companies” sales & marketing.”